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What would your LJ friends do at a party?
LJ Username 
dances around with glowsticks singing along to tails_of_a_cat
stays with the alcohol supply and drinks half of it ainushaman
sits in a chair somewhere not talking to anyone gothic_marion
strips on the nearest table necro_faust
cries because no one loves them necro_faust
This will actually happen one day. TRUE
This fun quiz by Shake_zula - Taken 1594 Times.
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The Fellowship of the LiveJournal
LJ Username 
The Ringbearer: lunatic_fireboy
The Wizard: haunted_jack
The Royal One: bokuto_dragon
The Hot Elf: opacho_sheep
The Comic Relief: lonelytiger
The Dead One: gothic_marion
This cool quiz by ciambawildcat - Taken 14095 Times.
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Okiiiie. xDD

Journal to the West - Your Livejournal goes Saiyuki
LJ Username 
Emotion you Hate
Sanzo will be necro_faust
Gojyo will be halo_buddahgiri
Hakkai will be nurse_eliza
Goku will be lunatic_fireboy
Will there be yaoi/shounen-ai? FALSE
Will they even make it? TRUE
This quiz by Flegu - Taken 71 Times.
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No, no shounen-ai, just lots of Faust/Eliza lovin' xDD

which Saiyuki male is your pet?
Favourite Color
saiyuki character son Goku
He will... abuse you everyday
and you will... commit seppukku
This Quiz by Homura_Taishi - Taken 24 Times.
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...BAD Lyserg! No ritual suicide for you! >_>

Which Saiyuki character would sleep with you?(Girls only!)
Full Name
The guy Cho Hakkai
The place In his house
The reason He loves you
This fun quiz by metalica - Taken 5 Times.
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...Yay for Lyserg/Hakkai? o_O

Okie, that got boring fast ._. Gonna go RP with Chikky now.
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