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Er, uh... New Homestar figurines + awesome posters + inability to sleep + inspiration from Imouto-chan + CRAPPY digital camera = fun, low-quality pics of stuff. xD This is what I do at 6 AM when I should be sleeping. o_O

...OMG these are so choppy and low-quality because I need a better camera. x_x But they're still HERE. So NYAN. NYAN IN YOUR GENERAL DIRECTION =D

My AWESOME wall scroll. *hugs Lyserg... and Marco whom you can't see because of bad quality*

One of my walls. There's a poster of Jun and Pailong up there that you can't really see, and my Yoh one got totally cut off. ;_;

The Ren and FMA peoples.

...You can see James and an Eevee there too xD

OMG. ^o^ I so need to get a better quality version of this so I can icon it. "Hey Stwong Bad, we're action figures!"

H*: Hey Stwong Bad, I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!
SB: *sigh* All right fine. But don't let my fans see me, they'll think I'm some kinda... Pokemon freak or something. ...And I'm NOT.

SB: I'll use this... cool, scary-looking dark-type thing. Yeah, man, this thing's gonna rip you to shreds.

H*: I choose Giant Eevee!
SB: ...*sigh*

Strong Bad says, forget the battle, I'm gonna go "hustle up some ladies". xD
Ami: ._.

Strong Bad gets into a fight with Kai, while H*R converses with Ichigo. Ami is scarred for life.

Absol, and The Cheat with a Pikachu on his head. ...And a Minun card. Because Plusle and Minun are CUTE.

...This is NOT a paid advertisement. o_O

Snip, Chikky's beanie kitty, is hungry. ^o^

Finally, Marzipan and The Boss talk about life. ...Or possibly discuss swapping skirts.

Whee~ Heehee *pokes Imouto-chan* It's fun! xD I just... need a better camera. o_o

I know I'm insane! YAY!
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