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Sorry I haven't really been commenting in people's journals. ^_^; I tried to catch up a bit this morning, but... gah, so many entries. xD Oh well, I guess staying away from the compy sometimes is good, ne?

But... I just had the BEST sleepover ever. ._. Chikky slept over, and for half of it my grandma was out at her sisters' place, so... whee. xD

We watched Gravitation first (RYUICHI. ._.), and then went to the store to buy something to drink... We ended up not buying drinks, but a few little 5-cent candies and puffed wheat squares x3 I got a DANISH. Danish is such a funny word. xDD And then we stopped at the pizza place right by the store and bought pizza and some root beer, and then went back home... we went on my compy to record the sprinkler thing we made up on the way home, and voice-chatted with a bunch of people. ^__^

After that we made coffee, and went downstairs... We played Kingdom Hearts, and ate pizza, and drew/painted a bunch of random pictures. All I ever draw/sketch is Lyserg. @_@ We came up with many RP plots too. >D Like... Two different AU Saiyuki/Mankin crossovers o_O The best one was the second one, where I was on the X-Laws and Chikky and Ren were on Hao's team xDD And Horo joined the X-Laws o_O And... Sanzo, Goku, Gojyo and Hakkai were a band, called "Saiyuki", and we got to go to their concert... xD And I spent the night in Gojyo's trailer. ^o^- *not obsessed*

...AND, Lys spent the night with Hakkai. >D

....Hakkai's a stripper. o.0 Set aside the words in his.. uh, "song"... it sounds like stripper music. XDD But it's still sexy. ... But I still like Gojyo more! Don't kill me,  Imouto-chan!! ;~;

Ah... What else? We stayed up until 9 in the morning and then slept for less than 5 hours, and I'm totally wide awake. xDD

Okie, I think that's about it... We have a bunch of awesome quotes and stuff (we kept saying things at the same time! o_o It happened like... twenty times at LEAST!) but I don't remember everything... So, I shall simply leave you with my kindergarten-styled Mankin chibis that I did. x3 Yes, we were lost for ideas after a little while. I <3 all of these chibis xD

^_^ Whoever can name them all gets a cookie, but it really isn't that hard. xD Whee... The Marco one looks like he's skydiving o_o I dunno, I just get the impression that he just jumped out of a plane. ...Some of them are naked. O_O
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