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Monday, August 30th, 2004

(.:8:. | .:sparkle and shine:.)

Time:11:25 pm.
I'm dead! ^^

Saturday, August 28th, 2004

(.:6:. | .:sparkle and shine:.)

Time:11:30 pm.
ARGH. XDD I was locked out of my house today for THREE HOURS. And it was FREEZING. XD And the only reason I didn't go somewhere else is because I was way too tired, and I didn't know when Grandma was going to be back. ^_^' Silly Yui. I just sat in my back yard and drew a bunch of stuff.

I drew my Eevee morph chara... Her name WAS Amethyst but I shortened it to just "Ame". It's prettier. Even though "rain" would be more fitting for a Vaporeon morph. Oh well.

So she FINALLY got home at 7:15, after I got there at around 4:40... @_@ So cold~ I went in and had a warm shower, then went on the compy for a bit and then went downstairs and killed a bunch of stuff in Kingdom Hearts.... Now I'm back here chatting with Imouto-chan and typing this and yeah.

I had a crack trip dream last night again. o_O It was Halloween and my friends and I were all outside, and nobody would give us candy because we were all too old. xD And then we went to this playgrond where all these kids were gathered for some party, and all of a sudden this vampire dude shows up and says he's going to kill us all or make us his servants or something, but first he was going to choose a host to help him steal the kids' souls or something o_o And he went after me. xX Stupid dream villains always go after the person who's dreaming. But he stabbed me or something, it didn't hurt, but all of a sudden the eyes on the kittie plushie I was holding started glowing yellow, and I went around making kids looking into the plushie's eyes to get their souls >D I was EVIL! And everything was all chaotic and fun and stuff. And then Mrs. Brodin, my drama teacher, came up to me and pointed a rifle at my head o_O I think she was gonna kill me to save the kids xD But I woke up before she could. Weeeird. xD

Hmm... Must outline and color that pic of Ame now...

Shaman King shipping:

One True Pairing 'Ship: Marco x Lyserg
Canon Ship: Yoh x Anna
"If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork" 'Ship: Marco x Luchist
"You are one sick bastard" 'Ship: Yoh x Ryu
"I dabble a little" 'Ship: Ren x Hao
"It's like a car crash" 'Ship: Faust x Chocolove (...xD bad mental images.)
"Tickles my fancy but not sold quite yet" 'Ship: Horohoro x Jun (I think I invented this. >_>)
"Makes no canon sense but why the hell not" 'Ship: Lyserg x Ren
"Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" 'Ship: Horo/Tamao or Ren/Pirika
"When all is said and done" 'Ship: Can I say MarcoLys again? Uh... Meene x Denbat. ^_^

More shippingsCollapse )

Friday, August 27th, 2004

(.:sparkle and shine:.)

Time:9:38 pm.
Just wanted to quickly say before I go to sleep:

Thank you SO much to every one of you who left comments on my piccie. ^___^ It means a lot to me. Huggles go out to all of you ^o^

...Yep, that's all, sleeping now.

(.:20:. | .:sparkle and shine:.)

Time:11:29 am.
Dear Imouto-chan @ yomigaere,

Thank you for last night when you put up with my ranting and mood swings, and for helping me feel better. ^_^ I always love talking to you, and last night/morning you helped me out a LOT. So thank you. *huggles* I ended up NOT crying last night, which is good. I hate crying just because I'm depressed. I usually like to have a better reason than that. =p

Oh, and I told you my mood swing would go away and I'd get back into my drawing. Thanks for talking to me about that too.

Dear Chiko-chan @ chikky2k5,

Thank you, too, for RPing with me and talking and stuff. You helped a lot too. But now I'm in even more of a MarcoLys mood >___>

<3 you both so much ^o^

Picture I am VERY proud of =D ...EVERYONE LOOK NOW!!Collapse )

And now I go catch my bus.

(.:sparkle and shine:.)

Subject:RPing all night again...
Time:5:10 am.
Chatting with Chiko-chan and Imouto-chan when I should be sleeping is FUN. >D

Teh KenTen Drabbler says:
I r ur siikrit clone that no one told u aboot

:rizerugu: says:

Teh KenTen Drabbler says:
Everyone: *GASP!!*

:rizerugu: says:
but why wuld u tel me NOW liekomgwtf itz suposd 2 b a Siiiiiikret....

Teh KenTen Drabbler says:
bcuz i r teh sto0p1|)!

Teh KenTen Drabbler says:
meeh teh sto0p1|) clone!

:rizerugu: says:
=o so liek... I hav al teh SMARTZ =D

Teh KenTen Drabbler says:
YESH< MUMMY! *hugglz0rz*

:rizerugu: says:
<3 <3 <3 *gl0mp*

Teh KenTen Drabbler says:
OMG liek I luvvlez u Mommie!

Highlight of my evening. xDDD

And Chikky and I did MarcoLys smut. o.0 Fun. It was interesting xD She reads too much AFF and it shows. And I... just love MarcoLys too much.

I have to be up early tomorrow. Why am I still here? ;~;

Thursday, August 26th, 2004

(.:6:. | .:sparkle and shine:.)

Time:11:11 pm.
Whee~ Because I can. And because I really have nothing else to talk about. Other than the fact that there was a Saiyuki wallscroll on the wall at Nexwave and Carmen wouldn't let me buy it ;___; It was SEXY.

More Sims stuff! x3Collapse )

Pick a fandom and a pairing. Then, pick up a dictionary/thesaurus, whatever, and select five to ten random words, and attempt to make a drabble out of them.

Fandom: Shaman King
Pairing: Marco/Lyserg. ...Because, dammit, I need more of this pairing. ;_; Someone draw or write me something MarcoLys. I'll worship you. ...And maybe let you request something.


Wow. xD *likes her words* I just opened to random pages and chose one word off those pages... Gah, some of the words I COULD have picked would have been good for a smut fic. xD It looks like it could be anyway ._. ...Yay? Yay! XD

Wednesday, August 25th, 2004

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Subject:And I die.
Time:6:13 am.
Mood: tired.
I know I need to get to sleep. I just... can't. xD I can't fall asleep until the sun comes up, and then I sleep ALL day and get up again sometime in the afternoon. So I'm officially nocturnal now o_O;;;

Argh. And I'm losing confidence in my drawings again ^_^; Someone needs to smack some sense into me. But I can't seem to come up with anything that I really, really like x___x There's always noticeable mistakes in my stuff, and I feel bad posting stuff because I don't really care for it...

Ehh. Whatever. ^_^; I'm too worn out to practice right now. ...Nobody's online (at least, nobody who's on and not away).. I wonder why I'm not surprised? *yawn*

*goes down to play more KH after song finishes... because this song is so freakin cute xD*

Sunday, August 22nd, 2004

(.:23:. | .:sparkle and shine:.)

Time:3:48 pm.
Sorry I haven't really been commenting in people's journals. ^_^; I tried to catch up a bit this morning, but... gah, so many entries. xD Oh well, I guess staying away from the compy sometimes is good, ne?

But... I just had the BEST sleepover ever. ._. Chikky slept over, and for half of it my grandma was out at her sisters' place, so... whee. xD

We watched Gravitation first (RYUICHI. ._.), and then went to the store to buy something to drink... We ended up not buying drinks, but a few little 5-cent candies and puffed wheat squares x3 I got a DANISH. Danish is such a funny word. xDD And then we stopped at the pizza place right by the store and bought pizza and some root beer, and then went back home... we went on my compy to record the sprinkler thing we made up on the way home, and voice-chatted with a bunch of people. ^__^

After that we made coffee, and went downstairs... We played Kingdom Hearts, and ate pizza, and drew/painted a bunch of random pictures. All I ever draw/sketch is Lyserg. @_@ We came up with many RP plots too. >D Like... Two different AU Saiyuki/Mankin crossovers o_O The best one was the second one, where I was on the X-Laws and Chikky and Ren were on Hao's team xDD And Horo joined the X-Laws o_O And... Sanzo, Goku, Gojyo and Hakkai were a band, called "Saiyuki", and we got to go to their concert... xD And I spent the night in Gojyo's trailer. ^o^- *not obsessed*

...AND, Lys spent the night with Hakkai. >D

....Hakkai's a stripper. o.0 Set aside the words in his.. uh, "song"... it sounds like stripper music. XDD But it's still sexy. ... But I still like Gojyo more! Don't kill me,  Imouto-chan!! ;~;

Ah... What else? We stayed up until 9 in the morning and then slept for less than 5 hours, and I'm totally wide awake. xDD

Okie, I think that's about it... We have a bunch of awesome quotes and stuff (we kept saying things at the same time! o_o It happened like... twenty times at LEAST!) but I don't remember everything... So, I shall simply leave you with my kindergarten-styled Mankin chibis that I did. x3 Yes, we were lost for ideas after a little while. I <3 all of these chibis xD

One quite big piccie xD But so cute!Collapse )

Friday, August 20th, 2004

(.:6:. | .:sparkle and shine:.)

Time:10:23 pm.
Mood: depressed.
;~; I'm depressed now...

Okay, so we went out in the rain/hail/thunderstorm today to buy chocolate milk. Not smart xD I have no clothes now ;~; they're all soaked and yeah. But on our way back, Chikky and I heard meowing outside... there was a little grey/white kitten outside ;~;

He's an abandoned kitten... nobody around her could take him, so I called to see if I could stop and buy stuff on the way home and keep him, and I'm not allowed. >_< My grandma knows I could be responsible for him, but... She's too worried she'll get sick from him... But still, I didn't want to see him go to the SPCA, and I haven't had a pet in forever... and grandma still wouldn't let me keep him. Even after she heard he was abandoned and was waiting out in the rain...

And she said... that I shouldn't have even called and asked because "I know how she feels." Okay, I know she doesn't like cats. But it's like her feelings are the only ones that matter... I have nobody to talk to at home, and she pretty much ignores me half the time, so wouldn't it be nice for me to have a pet to keep myself active? Especially since cats and kittens have been my favorite animals since I was five years old? I told her I'd keep it in the basement, away from her, and buy everything I needed for it, and never EVER make her take care of it... and I know I could do it, because I'ma lmost 18, I'm a (sort-of) mature person that could handle something like that. But it's no, because her feelings matter over mine, and over the life of the kitten.

;~; It just... doesn't seem fair. I know she's scared she'll get sick from it... and I respect that. But I'm still really depressed and disappointed.

Someone might be taking him in though. Someone I know and trust, so... yeah. ;~; I named him Lyserg... but they probably won't keep the name. -_- I really would have liked them to, seeing as I was in tears over this kitten... And I don't cry about things unless they really get to me. But I guess it's up to them.

Gah... I hate not being able to have pets. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but... I'm a total animal lover. And living with someone who's the complete opposite of me just SUCKS. I'm really ready to move out of there...

Well, Chikky's coming over tomorrow, so... Maybe being at home will be a little better with someone I can actually talk to.

(.:2:. | .:sparkle and shine:.)

Time:4:14 pm.
Hmm. At Chikky's again... We're stuck in Kingdom Hearts and went out and bought more snack food. x_x I'm supposed to be dieting! ;~; Eh, I shall lose weight somehow... Excessive amounts of DDR? XD

Goth survey thing. ...I think. o_OCollapse )

Ahehe... Yeah. Kingdom Hearts has been just kinda sitting there counting down extra time for a while, so... I'd better go play. xD

Wednesday, August 18th, 2004

(.:1:. | .:sparkle and shine:.)

Time:9:31 pm.
OMG I got the Mankin sims to work on my compy. *o*

Gah, David and I were stupid not to think of this. xD It wasn't the game, or my computer... It was the program I was using to unzip the zipped files. @_@ So yeah, deleted that program and now they work~

edit: *o* I got Saiyuki, Yugioh and FMA skins too now~ *goes off to play the game all night even though she's dying of tired-ness*

Tuesday, August 17th, 2004

(.:7:. | .:sparkle and shine:.)

Time:4:42 am.
Haha. Of course the mankin sims work on Chikky's compy. xDD So, Garnet-chan, it wasn't the version I have, just... my comp being stupid for some reason or another. o_O But... We did get them to work here, and Marco and Lys have a really nice house and they already totally love each other. Because I'm a loser. xDD

OMG a kiss.Collapse )
They sleep together too. ^o^ I am so happy.

Chikky and I also have a Ren and Horo, and a Yoh & Hao, and are about to make a Tamao & Pirika. ^o^

...Yeah, off to do that and watch Marco and Lys make out some more. XDDD

Monday, August 16th, 2004

(.:2:. | .:sparkle and shine:.)

Time:1:37 am.
blargenflargen ._____.

I hate this computer but there's nothing else to do, so... xDDD I'm gonna try to get out of the house tomorrow though. Must go somewhere and do something other than sit on the stupid computer all day. ...Although, that's pretty much what I did today.

I went out with Chikky and David today at the same time. ^o^ omg, it's been so long since all three of us have gotten together, so... yes, much fun. We went to see the Yugioh movie... which was fun, and pretty dodgy at times x3 but not as good as some people are saying it is. It wasn't very exciting and it was a bit too short... but still, it was kinda cool. I got a Watapon card but ended up trading it xD

Most memorable line: "Now Kaiba, let's not get nasty... not yet, anyways~" - Pegasus xDD

Anyways, uh... Hmm. We went to do some shopping after that. I picked up one of those exclusive movie packs of cards, and a bunch of school supplies for no appparent reason. xD I got a notebook and pens and sparkly gel pens and markers. It was all really cheap and on sale and stuff so... ^o^ I also got a DVD of Pokemon 3 that was on sale for like $8 *_* My video cassette of that doesn't work so... hee, now I have a new one! And I got The Sims, but it doesn't work well on my computer (NOTHING works well on my computer @___@) so I'm gonna take it to Chikky's and put it on her compy instead. ...Yes, Chikky, I am, you don't have a choice. >D

Oh, I pissed her off XDDD She said she wanted the sparkly gel pens that I bought, but that she'd never be able to afford them x_X Which made me feel bad, so I bought two without her seeing them and when we were sitting at McDonalds watching David eat, I pulled out a set of pens and handed it to her. xDD

Chikky: "No, don't give me these." *hands them back*
Me: *pulls out second set* ^o^-
Chikky: --;;; I hate you.

blaaaargenflargen... I think she's babysitting tomorrow though. xD Which means if I'm allowed over, I'll have to go early and then play Sims while she's gone. Or something. o_O;

*hates computer* .__.;;;

Anou.... blarg, I'm so bored right now and there's nothing to do xDD I can't go downstairs and play my PS2 because David's sleeping down there... >_> So, uh... I guess I could... uh... draw? Yeah ^o^ Or finish coloring the picture I started on the bus. Hmm. Or try playing Sims and get pissed off again when it fails xDDD Hmm, that can't be good for me. ...Ah, well... I shall try o_O

Hmm... Those Shaman King sims that Garnet-chan posted on her journal don't seem to like my compy, either o_O I'm sure they'd be fine if I could get them into the right folder... But, when I extract the files, they can't be moved for some reason or another... It says something like "make sure the disk is not write-protected" but it isn't on a disk, and "make sure the files are not in use" but they're not o_O And some of them won't delete from my hard drive. They're like... stuck there o_O Ah well, maybe the files just hate my computer for some reason. I'll try it at Chikky's. Unless someone else wants to try downloading them for me and sending them to me, maybe that would work... but I'm really not sure. *blinks*

http://www.tomato.sakura.ne.jp/~seira_m/sim/ They're there... *glares at site and frowns* Why must you hate me? Why must you not let me have my hot Marco/Lyserg love? T_T

Saturday, August 14th, 2004

(.:11:. | .:sparkle and shine:.)

Time:6:05 pm.
Bwee~ Not much to say today, I guess. I'm hot and stuffy in my stupid house. @_@ *holds mini fan on her lap*

Going to Chikky's again tonight... I need to bring her my expansion pak for her n64. Since... uh, I don't play mine anymore. xD And since I completely finished up DK64, I lent it to her, so she KINDA needs the expansion pak to play it. xDD

Anou... I'm dressed like a slut. ;~; I'll bring my camera and get Chikky to take a picture.

I updated my artblog. Go look.

*hugs the first three volumes of Saiyuki, and Gravitation DVD* ^____^

...Oh. I just missed my bus. XDDD

*listens to soul-stealing song* ;~;

Whee... I'm being Sha Gojyo for Halloween. ^o^ But I still like Lyserg way more than him. I cannot get over Lyserg no matter what I do. *_* He's my pretty skirt boy. AND HE'S MINE. >D So, uh... yeah, I'm faithful. ^__^ But Gojyo's still pretty, so....

...Wow, that was a lot of random topics in one post. ^_^ Let's see if I can fit in even more!

Uhh... I had a weird dream last night. These people were telling a group of people, me included, about how this one girl was murdered by being drowned. And then at the end before I woke up, I was underwater, watching the girl being murdered. o__o It was creepy.

Hmm... I need to draw more.

Oh yes. I have two soul-stealing songs now. This one (Mother Symphony) and the new FMA opening, Rewrite.

Hm... Okay, I'm bored of this. Gonna go now! *hugs Lyserg and runs off with him*
Lys: -^o^-

....Okay, so he wouldn't be like that. He'd be more like... "OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING DON'T TOUCH ME ONLY MARCO'S ALLOWED TO TOUCH ME OMG. ;~;"

....I'm really leaving now.

Wednesday, August 11th, 2004

(.:14:. | .:sparkle and shine:.)

Time:11:43 pm.
Mood: hyper.
Interview game~ darklittleaibou's questions, my answers ^o^

Click-ness. ...NOW.Collapse )

--- Wanna Play? -- The Shower Meme

If you want me to interview you--post a comment that simply says, "Interview me." I'll respond with questions for you to take back to your own journal and answer as a post. Of course, they'll be different for each person since this is an interview and not a general survey. At the bottom of your post, after answering the Interviewer's questions, you ask if anyone wants to be interviewed. So it becomes your turn-- in the comments, you ask them any questions you have for them to take back to their journals and answer. And so it becomes the circle. Who will play? May I interview you?

...So, someone. Let me interview you. I won't be TOO mean with questions... xD

Tuesday, August 10th, 2004

(.:11:. | .:sparkle and shine:.)

Time:8:09 pm.
Mood:I got my PS2! *dancedance*.
I got my PS2! *dancedance* I got my PS2! *dancedance* I got my PS2! *dancedance* I got my PS2! *dancedance* I got my PS2! *dancedance* I got my PS2! *dancedance* I got my PS2! *dancedance* I got my PS2! *dancedance* I got my PS2! *dancedance* I got my PS2! *dancedance* I got my PS2! *dancedance* I got my PS2! *dancedance* I got my PS2! *dancedance* I got my PS2! *dancedance* I got my PS2! *dancedance* I got my PS2! *dancedance* I got my PS2! *dancedance* I got my PS2! *danceda-crashes into a wall* x____x

Lyserg: *steals ps2* >D

(.:9:. | .:sparkle and shine:.)

Time:12:10 am.
What anime/manga character do I most remind you of, and why? If you can't choose just one, feel free to put two or three. Then, post this in your journal and see what people say about you!

Please reply? ^o^-

Oy, today I went shopping, and it was supposed to be for Grandma to buy clothes... But I got spoiled. @_@ Hee~ I got a new pair of black pants that are SHINY, and a cute dark blue autumn jacket... It's really adorable and I love wearing it ^o^ I also got a mini electric fan for my room (it's green :D) and Saiyuki volume 1. ...And grandma paid for a game of DDR for me. *o* AND I got fries and ice cream and a salad. But holy crap, lots of stuff. xD I got a couple of little things too, like a package of yummy orange-flavored gum and a bottle of nail polish, but yeah. x3 Spoiled.

AND... My grandma's cashing in a savings bond for me for my time before college, to buy clothes for a job and other stuff... We're cashing it in either tomorrow, Wednesday or Friday. I get $1000. o__o I'm gonna buy so many nice clothes... xD And I'll see about getting myself a nice digital camera. ...Or maybe a PS2. .__. OMG yes I'm buying a PS2. XDD That way Grandma won't have to pay for it herself, AND she'll have her DVD player that she wants... I'm sure she'll agree!

...Plus, the money left over will be enough for lots of nice clothes and the other 3 volumes of Saiyuki.


...Yes, this money is going to be gone within two weeks. Or less. xD *tries really really hard to get a job by then*

Mrow~ Look, Yui got bored and decided to make another colorbar. xDD Aww, but Yomi-chan's offline now... It was a present for her... Oh well, she shall see it some other time. *posts!*

Present for Yomi-chan :DCollapse )

Monday, August 9th, 2004

(.:10:. | .:sparkle and shine:.)

Time:6:47 am.
Er, uh... New Homestar figurines + awesome posters + inability to sleep + inspiration from Imouto-chan + CRAPPY digital camera = fun, low-quality pics of stuff. xD This is what I do at 6 AM when I should be sleeping. o_O

the inside of my room. Sorta. o_OCollapse )

Figurine stuff. :DCollapse )
Whee~ Heehee *pokes Imouto-chan* It's fun! xD I just... need a better camera. o_o

I know I'm insane! YAY!

(.:1:. | .:sparkle and shine:.)

Time:1:08 am.

What would your LJ friends do at a party?
LJ Username 
dances around with glowsticks singing along to tails_of_a_cat
stays with the alcohol supply and drinks half of it ainushaman
sits in a chair somewhere not talking to anyone gothic_marion
strips on the nearest table necro_faust
cries because no one loves them necro_faust
This will actually happen one day. TRUE
This fun quiz by Shake_zula - Taken 1594 Times.
New - How do you get a guy to like you?

memesCollapse )

Okie, that got boring fast ._. Gonna go RP with Chikky now.

Sunday, August 8th, 2004

(.:sparkle and shine:.)

Time:4:22 pm.
OMG yay I saw FMA eps. 41 and 42 last night.

...Whee. ._. Crazy-ness for all. But my computer's running out of room x.x So I couldn't keep the whole eps... I did save little videos of the 4th opening and ending though. I'll probably try to get a raw version or something, so I have them without the subtitles... hmm...

...Wow, I really don't have much to say. Except that I stayed up until my stuff was finished downloading so I didn't get to bed until about 7 in the morning, and just woke up like half an hour ago. .__.;; I need to stop sleeping in so late...

Gonna go, uh... finish my drawing. ^o^;

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