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Bwee~ Not much to say today, I guess. I'm hot and stuffy in my stupid house. @_@ *holds mini fan on her lap*

Going to Chikky's again tonight... I need to bring her my expansion pak for her n64. Since... uh, I don't play mine anymore. xD And since I completely finished up DK64, I lent it to her, so she KINDA needs the expansion pak to play it. xDD

Anou... I'm dressed like a slut. ;~; I'll bring my camera and get Chikky to take a picture.

I updated my artblog. Go look.

*hugs the first three volumes of Saiyuki, and Gravitation DVD* ^____^

...Oh. I just missed my bus. XDDD

*listens to soul-stealing song* ;~;

Whee... I'm being Sha Gojyo for Halloween. ^o^ But I still like Lyserg way more than him. I cannot get over Lyserg no matter what I do. *_* He's my pretty skirt boy. AND HE'S MINE. >D So, uh... yeah, I'm faithful. ^__^ But Gojyo's still pretty, so....

...Wow, that was a lot of random topics in one post. ^_^ Let's see if I can fit in even more!

Uhh... I had a weird dream last night. These people were telling a group of people, me included, about how this one girl was murdered by being drowned. And then at the end before I woke up, I was underwater, watching the girl being murdered. o__o It was creepy.

Hmm... I need to draw more.

Oh yes. I have two soul-stealing songs now. This one (Mother Symphony) and the new FMA opening, Rewrite.

Hm... Okay, I'm bored of this. Gonna go now! *hugs Lyserg and runs off with him*
Lys: -^o^-

....Okay, so he wouldn't be like that. He'd be more like... "OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING DON'T TOUCH ME ONLY MARCO'S ALLOWED TO TOUCH ME OMG. ;~;"

....I'm really leaving now.

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