Yui (yuikinomoto) wrote,

blargenflargen ._____.

I hate this computer but there's nothing else to do, so... xDDD I'm gonna try to get out of the house tomorrow though. Must go somewhere and do something other than sit on the stupid computer all day. ...Although, that's pretty much what I did today.

I went out with Chikky and David today at the same time. ^o^ omg, it's been so long since all three of us have gotten together, so... yes, much fun. We went to see the Yugioh movie... which was fun, and pretty dodgy at times x3 but not as good as some people are saying it is. It wasn't very exciting and it was a bit too short... but still, it was kinda cool. I got a Watapon card but ended up trading it xD

Most memorable line: "Now Kaiba, let's not get nasty... not yet, anyways~" - Pegasus xDD

Anyways, uh... Hmm. We went to do some shopping after that. I picked up one of those exclusive movie packs of cards, and a bunch of school supplies for no appparent reason. xD I got a notebook and pens and sparkly gel pens and markers. It was all really cheap and on sale and stuff so... ^o^ I also got a DVD of Pokemon 3 that was on sale for like $8 *_* My video cassette of that doesn't work so... hee, now I have a new one! And I got The Sims, but it doesn't work well on my computer (NOTHING works well on my computer @___@) so I'm gonna take it to Chikky's and put it on her compy instead. ...Yes, Chikky, I am, you don't have a choice. >D

Oh, I pissed her off XDDD She said she wanted the sparkly gel pens that I bought, but that she'd never be able to afford them x_X Which made me feel bad, so I bought two without her seeing them and when we were sitting at McDonalds watching David eat, I pulled out a set of pens and handed it to her. xDD

Chikky: "No, don't give me these." *hands them back*
Me: *pulls out second set* ^o^-
Chikky: --;;; I hate you.

blaaaargenflargen... I think she's babysitting tomorrow though. xD Which means if I'm allowed over, I'll have to go early and then play Sims while she's gone. Or something. o_O;

*hates computer* .__.;;;

Anou.... blarg, I'm so bored right now and there's nothing to do xDD I can't go downstairs and play my PS2 because David's sleeping down there... >_> So, uh... I guess I could... uh... draw? Yeah ^o^ Or finish coloring the picture I started on the bus. Hmm. Or try playing Sims and get pissed off again when it fails xDDD Hmm, that can't be good for me. ...Ah, well... I shall try o_O

Hmm... Those Shaman King sims that Garnet-chan posted on her journal don't seem to like my compy, either o_O I'm sure they'd be fine if I could get them into the right folder... But, when I extract the files, they can't be moved for some reason or another... It says something like "make sure the disk is not write-protected" but it isn't on a disk, and "make sure the files are not in use" but they're not o_O And some of them won't delete from my hard drive. They're like... stuck there o_O Ah well, maybe the files just hate my computer for some reason. I'll try it at Chikky's. Unless someone else wants to try downloading them for me and sending them to me, maybe that would work... but I'm really not sure. *blinks*

http://www.tomato.sakura.ne.jp/~seira_m/sim/ They're there... *glares at site and frowns* Why must you hate me? Why must you not let me have my hot Marco/Lyserg love? T_T
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