Yui (yuikinomoto) wrote,

Haha. Of course the mankin sims work on Chikky's compy. xDD So, Garnet-chan, it wasn't the version I have, just... my comp being stupid for some reason or another. o_O But... We did get them to work here, and Marco and Lys have a really nice house and they already totally love each other. Because I'm a loser. xDD

Yes, this is the only reason I bought this game.

They sleep together too. ^o^ I am so happy.

Chikky and I also have a Ren and Horo, and a Yoh & Hao, and are about to make a Tamao & Pirika. ^o^

...Yeah, off to do that and watch Marco and Lys make out some more. XDDD
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