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;~; I'm depressed now...

Okay, so we went out in the rain/hail/thunderstorm today to buy chocolate milk. Not smart xD I have no clothes now ;~; they're all soaked and yeah. But on our way back, Chikky and I heard meowing outside... there was a little grey/white kitten outside ;~;

He's an abandoned kitten... nobody around her could take him, so I called to see if I could stop and buy stuff on the way home and keep him, and I'm not allowed. >_< My grandma knows I could be responsible for him, but... She's too worried she'll get sick from him... But still, I didn't want to see him go to the SPCA, and I haven't had a pet in forever... and grandma still wouldn't let me keep him. Even after she heard he was abandoned and was waiting out in the rain...

And she said... that I shouldn't have even called and asked because "I know how she feels." Okay, I know she doesn't like cats. But it's like her feelings are the only ones that matter... I have nobody to talk to at home, and she pretty much ignores me half the time, so wouldn't it be nice for me to have a pet to keep myself active? Especially since cats and kittens have been my favorite animals since I was five years old? I told her I'd keep it in the basement, away from her, and buy everything I needed for it, and never EVER make her take care of it... and I know I could do it, because I'ma lmost 18, I'm a (sort-of) mature person that could handle something like that. But it's no, because her feelings matter over mine, and over the life of the kitten.

;~; It just... doesn't seem fair. I know she's scared she'll get sick from it... and I respect that. But I'm still really depressed and disappointed.

Someone might be taking him in though. Someone I know and trust, so... yeah. ;~; I named him Lyserg... but they probably won't keep the name. -_- I really would have liked them to, seeing as I was in tears over this kitten... And I don't cry about things unless they really get to me. But I guess it's up to them.

Gah... I hate not being able to have pets. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but... I'm a total animal lover. And living with someone who's the complete opposite of me just SUCKS. I'm really ready to move out of there...

Well, Chikky's coming over tomorrow, so... Maybe being at home will be a little better with someone I can actually talk to.
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