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And I die.

I know I need to get to sleep. I just... can't. xD I can't fall asleep until the sun comes up, and then I sleep ALL day and get up again sometime in the afternoon. So I'm officially nocturnal now o_O;;;

Argh. And I'm losing confidence in my drawings again ^_^; Someone needs to smack some sense into me. But I can't seem to come up with anything that I really, really like x___x There's always noticeable mistakes in my stuff, and I feel bad posting stuff because I don't really care for it...

Ehh. Whatever. ^_^; I'm too worn out to practice right now. ...Nobody's online (at least, nobody who's on and not away).. I wonder why I'm not surprised? *yawn*

*goes down to play more KH after song finishes... because this song is so freakin cute xD*
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