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Whee~ Because I can. And because I really have nothing else to talk about. Other than the fact that there was a Saiyuki wallscroll on the wall at Nexwave and Carmen wouldn't let me buy it ;___; It was SEXY.

Lyserg goes on a date with Marco, dressed like Envy. XD

Mrs. Crumplebottom wasn't too impressed with Lyserg and Marco making out in the middle of the sidewalk. XDD She hit Lys with her purse. ;~;

They randomized someone with Jeanne's head. O_O Her name was "Brooke". xDD I called her Jeanne anyway.

What's with Marco and Lyserg making out in front of old ladies?

When they got back home. -^o^-

Okie, and now David and I made up a serial killer chara xD He has blood all over his clothes and face. *pokes the sims creator* His name's Sven XDDD He has a 5x5 house with NOTHING in it. Except ashes from fireworks, which DIDN'T kill him O_O;;;

So... we made Sven's yard into a pathetic maze...

He was mean, because he just walked right through it without any difficulty. ;_; Stupid computer players.

So we made it a LITTLE harder. xD And yes, he died. =D I'm gonna put a ladder at the very end and see if he can make it.

Pick a fandom and a pairing. Then, pick up a dictionary/thesaurus, whatever, and select five to ten random words, and attempt to make a drabble out of them.

Fandom: Shaman King
Pairing: Marco/Lyserg. ...Because, dammit, I need more of this pairing. ;_; Someone draw or write me something MarcoLys. I'll worship you. ...And maybe let you request something.


Wow. xD *likes her words* I just opened to random pages and chose one word off those pages... Gah, some of the words I COULD have picked would have been good for a smut fic. xD It looks like it could be anyway ._. ...Yay? Yay! XD
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