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Dear Imouto-chan @ yomigaere,

Thank you for last night when you put up with my ranting and mood swings, and for helping me feel better. ^_^ I always love talking to you, and last night/morning you helped me out a LOT. So thank you. *huggles* I ended up NOT crying last night, which is good. I hate crying just because I'm depressed. I usually like to have a better reason than that. =p

Oh, and I told you my mood swing would go away and I'd get back into my drawing. Thanks for talking to me about that too.

Dear Chiko-chan @ chikky2k5,

Thank you, too, for RPing with me and talking and stuff. You helped a lot too. But now I'm in even more of a MarcoLys mood >___>

<3 you both so much ^o^

It's not done. It still needs background. But... This is the best pic of Lyserg I've ever done, IMO. =D And I want everyone to see, so it's here instead of on my artblog.

Comment, please~! XD

And now I go catch my bus.
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